The mission of the Registry of Settlement Planners (“RSP”) is to train, educate and certify settlement planning professionals who are uniquely qualified to competently and ethically assist injury victims, claimants and attorneys in resolving their legal and financial claims. To further this mission the RSP Board will seek to promote recognition and awareness of the designation and to establish standards of competence and practice for the Registry.

The Registry of Settlement Planners is wholly owned and operated by the Society of Settlement Planners, Inc.


  1. Prepare settlement planners to provide competent, timely advice to clients.
  2. Present attorneys with assurance that their selected advisor is competent and abides by a code of professional conduct.
  3. Provide a measure of accountability to settlement planning practitioners.
  4. Promote reliable standards of practice to enable clients and attorneys to know what to expect from a relationship with a settlement planner.


Settlement planners help clients use their settlement proceeds to attain their financial goals. The settlement planner guides clients through financial decisions that they need to make at settlement. Settlement planning often involves helping clients avoid loss of government entitlements while protecting their recovery from dissipation risk, taxes, liens, and other hazards. The settlement planner coordinates these efforts with other professionals including the plaintiff’s legal team, special needs trust attorneys, trust officers, CPAs, and others. Settlement planning most often occurs within a unique and pressure-packed planning environment where clients must make decisions likely to impact the rest of their lives. This environment places a premium on the ability of the planner to focus on the client’s goals and needs, make the correct recommendations, and help the client implement the plan.


Attaining the RSP designation shows commitment to the profession of settlement planning. The designation is awarded to individuals who have completed an advanced level of education specifically aimed at settlement planning and settlement planning issues. Completing the education requirement helps settlement planners develop and sharpen their skills and provides a firm foundation in the basic knowledge required to practice planning competently. Professionals with the RSP designation have set themselves apart from competitors with their educational attainment and commitment to the stringent ethical and professional standards of conduct set forth by the RSP Board. These practitioners demonstrate their commitment to furthering this profession. Members are encouraged to seek one another out and share resources and knowledge.