Requirements for Admission to the Registry

Steps to Receiving the RSP Designation

Complete the educational requirement (Parts 1, 2, and 3 of the SPEC courses). You may not apply for admission into the registry until you have successfully completed all three courses provided by SPEC and have submitted your comprehensive settlement plan to the RSP Board.

Submit a written settlement plan. Mail four copies of the paper report to: RSP Board, Attention Jack Meligan, 1800 Blankenship Rd., Ste. 160, West Linn, OR 97068. To read the guidelines for this report, click here.

To view a sample settlement plan written by one of the recent recipients of the RSP designation, Joseph Tombs, click here. (Note: This is a comprehensive example. Most submissions are more simple than this sample plan.)

After completing the first two steps, download the application to continue the process.

Download Application
Meet the experience requirement. Candidates must complete 3 years of qualifying full-time work experience out of the previous five years. Details about your work experience are submitted to the RSP Board on your application for admission. To read the guidelines used to determine acceptable work experience, click here.
Submit a completed application with the $1,000 application fee. Candidates who have completed the education requirement and who have submitted a written settlement plan to the RSP Board may apply for admission to the Registry. The RSP Board will then examine the application and determine whether the candidate is eligible for the RSP designation. Upon acceptance, you may begin to use the RSP designation.

Maintaining Membership in the Registry

Continuing Education

Registry members must complete at least 40 hours of continuing education (CE) every 2 years, with 10 hours from an RSP Board approved event. CE is important to help a settlement planner stay abreast of the latest developments in the settlement planning profession and to maintain planner competence. The RSP Board requires each member to participate in and report at least this minimum amount of CE each year. The acceptability of CE programs is determined by the RSP Board and approval of credit for such programs remains at the Board’s discretion. A member’s failure to comply with the CE standards set forth by the RSP Board will result in suspension from Registry membership. For a statement of the guidelines for acceptable CE credit click here.

Click here to download the CE Reporting Form

Membership Dues

The RSP Board may assess annual membership dues as a condition of membership in the Registry and the ability to use the designation. The RSP Board does not currently assess dues. A member’s failure to pay dues that may one day be assessed may result in suspension from Registry membership.

Standards of Conduct

Membership in the Registry requires strict adherence to the RSP Code of Professional Conduct. To read the RSP Code of Professional Conduct click here.